Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes: Fact Vs. Fiction

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Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Fact Fiction

By Shari Weiss |

Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Fact Fiction

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A new round of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes rumors cropped up last week, despite continued evidence that they are NOT dating. It was just over a year ago that the actress’ rep exclusively told Gossip Cop that she’s “not dating anyone,” “these stories are untrue,” and “this gossip needs to stop.” But the tabloids rather continue to present a false narrative rooted in fantasy. Gossip Cop, however, can make clear what’s fact and what’s fiction from the most recent claims.

FICTION: Foxx and Holmes are marrying in “paradise,” according to Star cover story.
FACT: Foxx and Holmes are NOT getting married in “paradise” or anywhere else. Foxx’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop the allegations were “completely untrue and totally fabricated.” And the tabloid previously claimed the supposed couple was already “married” in March and April editions. Now the magazine is acting like it never printed those prior lies.

FICTION: Holmes is pregnant with Foxx’s baby, according to Star cover story.
FACT: Holmes is NOT pregnant with Foxx’s baby or anyone’s else’s. Holmes’ rep exclusively told Gossip Cop the claim was “all lies.” And like the above marriage fabrications, the publication previously claimed she was pregnant earlier this year. Holmes could not have been three months pregnant in April… and also three months pregnant now in June. It was wrong then and wrong now.

FICTION: Claudia Jordan “confirmed” Foxx and Holmes’ relationship, according to multiple outlets.
FACT: Jordan did NOT “confirm” any relationship between the two. During the podcast interview in question, she did not mention Holmes. And after her remarks were twisted, the model clarified that not only has she never seen Foxx with the actress, but she has absolutely “no knowledge” of an alleged romance going on.

FICTION: Foxx is “cheating” on Holmes, according to OK! and MediaTakeOut.
FACT: Foxx was NOT “cheating” when he was photographed holding hands with a blonde woman in Miami. He can’t be cheating on someone he’s not dating. The actor wasn’t engaging in illicit behavior behind Holmes’ back then, or when he was seen grinding with several women the following night. Like Star, sister publication OK! has also published a number of marriage and pregnancy stories about Foxx and Holmes over the last year, including one in May about how the wedding was called off. All those are made-up too.

It’s likely the tabloids will continue its untrue Foxx and Holmes saga. But Gossip Cop will continue to show what’s real and what’s rumor.


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