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Jamie Foxx is not a "father figure" to Suri Cruise. A website, which has fabricated several stories about Foxx and Katie Holmes, is at it again. Gossip Cop can bust this latest untrue, made-up story.

After Foxx and Holmes were photographed walking on a beach together in September, HollywoodLife claimed to have all kinds of "exclusive" insight on the pair. These articles, however, were concocted just to capitalize on the duo being a hot topic in the world of celebrities and pop culture. Many of the tales were 100 percent false.

For example, the site alleged Foxx was "like a father" to Suri, claiming that they had grown "very close." In actuality, as Gossip Cop exclusively reported, Suri and the actor hadn't even met at that point in time. Its subsequent post, about Holmes supposedly being "grateful" Suri had a "male role model" in Foxx, was similarly bogus for the same reason.

Now the blog is trying the narrative again, in the wake of Foxx and Holmes sitting together at Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy gala last weekend. After noting that Suri remains estranged from her dad, Tom Cruise, due to his commitment from Scientology, the site contends, "Lucky for Suri though, she has a new father figure in her life now — Katie's BF Jamie Foxx." Asserting Holmes has had to "step up" without a parenting partner in Cruise, the outlet maintains, "Now that she's dating Jamie, who's a family man, things are finally starting to get a little easier."

"She's grateful to have Jamie in her life now, he's becoming more and more of a father figure to Suri and she's very grateful for that," a so-called "source close to Katie" is quoted as saying. But again the online publication is mistaken.

First off, Foxx isn't actually Holmes' "boyfriend." They casually see each other when they can and do not consider themselves a couple. Gossip Cop has rightly said this all along, and now People has backed up our reporting.

As for the main issue currently at hand, since the hullabaloo roughly five months ago, Foxx has now met Suri and Holmes has met his kids as well. However, he still has in no way become a "father figure" to the actress' little girl. In fact, People even notes, "Foxx hasn't spent much time with Holmes's 11-year-old daughter." It's further pointed out, "They still have their own separate lives and they aren't trying to join them together."

That HollywoodLies is still peddling something so contradictory to the truth shows yet again that the website doesn't really have a Holmes "source," as it purports. Predictably, the copy-and-paste blog Celebrity Insider has already picked up the misinformation and is similarly claiming, "Suri has someone in her life who is willing to be a great father figure for her and that is Katie's boyfriend, Jamie Foxx." The site even adds, "Apparently, Suri loves to have Jamie in her life just as much as Katie does." Apparently this is the blind leading the blind.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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