Jamie Foxx On ‘Graham Norton Show’: My Daughter Hates Me Dating Younger Girls (VIDEO)

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Jamie Foxx Graham Norton Show Dating

By Andrew Shuster |

Jamie Foxx Graham Norton Show Dating

(Graham Norton)

Jamie Foxx admitted on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show” that his 23-year-old daughter hates when he dates younger girls. Watch the video below.

The actor turns 50 in December, but that hasn’t stopped him from hitting up the Los Angeles club scene. When asked about his dating life on the British talk show, Foxx noted, “It’s tough out there. I’m getting older, but people think I’m younger because I hang out with Kanye [West]… So I see younger girls and it’s terrible.” He further acknowledged that his daughter Corinne “hates it because I still try to go to the clubs. I’m that guy.”

Foxx went on to recall an embarrassing experience while standing outside of 1 Oak in Hollywood when a group of girls pulled up in a car and shouted, “Oh my God, Jamie Foxx! What’s up?! We go to school with your daughter!” He added, “I just have to be careful.” The actor related another story about starting up a conversation with a group of young women while deejaying at a club. “When I told them how old I was, you would have thought I told them I had a terminal disease the way they responded,” Foxx joked. He added, “I said, ‘I’m 49.’ She said, ‘Oh my God! Can’t you die from 49? Come on girls, let’s pray. He has 49.'”

Also during Foxx’s appearance on the talk show, he revealed details about meeting Kanye West for the first time and allowing Ed Sheeran to crash on his couch for six weeks. Additionally, the actor and fellow guests Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig and Judi Dench all shared throwback photos from their early years. Watch the “Graham Norton Show” videos below.

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