Jamie Foxx Friends NOT Saying Katie Holmes “Needs A Makeover,” Despite Claim

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Jamie Foxx Makeover Katie Holmes

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Jamie Foxx Makeover Katie Holmes

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Jamie Foxx’s friends aren’t saying Katie Holmes “needs a makeover.” They aren’t bad-mouthing her at all, nor is anyone close to the pair discussing such matters with tabloids. Gossip Cop can bust a new report.

In the latest issue of Life & Style, a headline declares, “Jamie’s Pals Tell Him: Katie’s Not Your Type.” The story is accompanied by a photo of Foxx in a suit at a red carpet event while Holmes appears makeup-free in a paparazzi photo. Obviously, the gossip magazine was trying to play up purported differences in their appearances, but it’s not exactly a fair comparison. Still, on the outlet’s website, this piece is titled, “Jamie Foxx’s Friends Low-Key Think Katie Holmes ‘Needs a Makeover.'”

Both versions claim Foxx’s friends are “still scratching their heads” over their romance and questioning what he “sees” in the actress. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Katie’s not Jamie’s usual type, and some of his pals think they’re a bizarre match.” As evidence, it’s asserted that while the actor “loves the nightlife,” Holmes is “more of a homebody.” Contends the supposed snitch, “She’d much rather be sitting at home, reading a book and spending time with Suri.”

The publication cautions, “It’s not that Jamie’s friends dislike Katie… It’s just that they think she’s too straitlaced for him. And that’s reflected in her look and style.” “They joke that Katie needs a makeover,” claims the alleged tipster. This mean-spirited tale ends by suggesting that “Katie is already carrying Jamie’s child.” Noting “a few guests thought they spotted a baby bump” when Holmes attended Foxx’s Prive sunglasses event in early December, the tabloid maintains, “We guess time will tell.”

What’s actually telling is the magazine wants readers to believe it has a “source” dishing on what Foxx’s friends think of Holmes, but not on whether she’s actually expecting. Gossip Cop already called out Life & Style nearly two months ago for its false Holmes bump “alert.” The outlet didn’t know what it was talking about then and still doesn’t now. In fact, it’s possible this latest narrative was sparked by the Australian tabloid NW, which earlier this month ran a story about Foxx giving Holmes a “hip-hop makeover.”

In that report, it was alleged the “Dawson’s Creek” star was too “prim and proper.” Now she’s being deemed “straitlaced.” Not only are both characterizations inaccurate, but they’re all illegitimate. Holmes and Foxx’s dynamic is still very much a casual one, Gossip Cop is told. Purported “friends” of Foxx are not dissing the actress in the gossip media and actually have no reason to speak about her at all. Holmes’ style has evolved over the years and will probably continue to do so. But it’ll have nothing to do with a relationship-fueled “makeover.”