Jamie Foxx was not "caught flirting" with a married Eva Longoria, despite claims circulating online. Gossip Cop can not only bust the story, but also explain how an innocent hangout was twisted into fake news.

RadarOnline is sensationally blaring in a headline on Friday, "Jamie Foxx Caught Flirting With Married Eva Longoria After Mistress Drama." The site contends in the accompanying article, "Katie Holmes' boyfriend Jamie Foxx was just caught partying with A-lister beauty Eva Longoria... The duo was spotted getting very flirty during a private dinner with friends in New York City!" And there's a lot wrong in just those few lines of text.

First off, Foxx wasn't in any kind of real "mistress drama." Last week, Gossip Cop busted the site's sister publication, the National Enquirer, when it falsely claimed Foxx "betrayed" Holmes with a Russian mistress. As his rep exclusively told us, that cover story was "completely fabricated." Second, Foxx isn't Holmes' "boyfriend." There's nothing serious or exclusive about their dynamic. And lastly, Foxx and Longoria were not "very flirty" when they dined together more than two weeks ago.

Foxx, as a longtime friend of the actress, simply showed up to show his support at gathering celebrating her Haute Living Los Angeles cover on September 13. But rather than accurately portraying this event as a non-scandalous, work-related function, the webloid is copying the unreliable Naughty Gossip to make it sound like something, well, naughty, went down. The site quotes the blog's "eyewitness," who asserts, "Jamie Foxx was having a night out with his besties, Jay Pharoah and Eva Longoria! Jamie and Jay started off the evening together at Le District before the pair headed off to Eva Longoria's dinner at Meatpacking District celebrity hotspot, Megu."

Tellingly, neither outlet says how were Foxx and Longoria flirting. Yet, RadarOnline still asks, "After this Longoria scandal, what will love-struck Holmes think?" Gossip Cop has a question, too: Um, WHAT scandal?! Again, Foxx merely attended a professional celebration for someone with whom he's been friends for more than a decade. Nothing inappropriate went down. Still, the online publication ends its piece by asking, "What do you think of Foxx and Longoria's shocking news?" Once more, Gossip Cop has a question: WHAT shocking news?!

There's almost literally nothing newsworthy about Foxx attending a group dinner in Longoria's honor, and there is absolutely nothing "shocking" nor "scandalous" about it. It was just spun into ridiculous fake news. Of course, RadarOnline is known for often doing just that. More than a year ago, Gossip Cop called out the site for wrongly claiming Holmes and Foxx were preparing to get married. No wedding ever happened, though, just like this "flirting" with Longoria didn't happen, either. "Their reporting is completely inaccurate," Foxx's rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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