Jamie Foxx is not "like a father" to Katie Holmes's daughter Suri Cruise, despite a newly made-up report. It's simply yet another fake news story from HollywoodLife. Multiple sources have confirmed Foxx has never even met Suri.

Now that Gossip Cop has established that, let's look at the latest fabricated tale from HollywoodLies, which has earned its nickname. In its latest tall tale, the serial fibbers allege that Holmes loves that Foxx "is like a father" to Suri and how he's grown "very close" to her daughter. The often discredited outlet then has a seemingly fictitious "insider" quoted as saying, "Katie is attracted to Jamie partly because he is so caring to her daughter Suri."

The same almost assuredly phony source continues, "Jamie treats Suri like one of his own daughters and is always singing silly songs to her and making her laugh and smile." What's more, alleges HollywoodLies' so-called "insider," is that it's reciprocal and "Suri thinks Jamie is really funny and she loves when he is around." "Suri has also met Jamie's daughters... They all get along great which is huge for Katie, she loves it," adds bogus source.

But it's all a giant pile of lies. Foxx sources assure Gossip Cop the entire article is untrue. We're told Foxx and Suri have never had a face-to-face, and he is 100 percent not "like a father" to her." All talk about the two having become "very close" and how Foxx sings and makes Suri "laugh and smile" are nothing more fabricated details. Nor has Suri "met Jamie's daughters," as alleged by the habitually disproven site. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly noted, HollywoodLife prefers making up fake news over printing facts.

Virtually every story HollywoodLies has written about Holmes and Foxx in the past few days has been a falsehood. Since photos emerged of the two walking on a beach in Malibu, the creative writers at the untrustworthy site claimed to have an exclusive about how Tom Cruise feels betrayed by Foxx's relationship with Holmes. The reality is Cruise and Holmes have lived separate lives for years, and the actor is entirely unaffected by her personal life.

Gossip Cop also busted the blog for untruthfully asserting that Holmes and Foxx came out publicly because they were "tired of living a lie." In reality, they made no such announcement, and instead were photographed unbeknownst to them by paparazzi using long lenses. Of course, Gossip Cop is not remotely surprised by the site's latest fake news story. In 2016, HollywoodLies published a story titled, "Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Married In Secret Hawaii Wedding." That was made-up, and so is the current article about Foxx being a surrogate "father" to Suri.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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