Jamie Foxx “Officially Dumped” Katie Holmes For Baby Mama?

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Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Dumped

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Dumped

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Did Jamie Foxx “officially dump” Katie Holmes to get back together with his “baby mama”? That’s what a certain website wants readers to believe. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the largely untrue story.

According to MediaTakeOut, Foxx and Kristin Grannis, the mother of his younger daughter Annalise, are “officially a couple again.” Calling the pair “two lovers,” the site asserts they “stayed close” during an outing on Independence Day. Contends the outlet, “The two were openly showing their affection, as Kristin was spotted hugging the actor.”

Here’s what’s really going on: Photos were taken of Foxx, Grannis and their daughter celebrating the 4th of July at a fireworks display in Malibu on Wednesday. In one of the paparazzi snapshots, Grannis is leaning against Foxx, giving him a side-hug. The website is using these pictures as evidence that they are “a couple again,” and that Holmes has been “dumped.”

In actuality, though, the photos are not evidence of that at all. Foxx has stepped out with Grannis several times this year, both with and without their daughter. They are amicable co-parents, not “lovers.” Additionally, while the blog tries to may hay of the actor being apart from Holmes during the holiday, this contention is faulty as well.

As Gossip Cop has already pointed out, using Foxx and Holmes’ whereabouts to assess their relationship status is a meaningless and futile endeavor. They have never been in the kind of romance where they’re together all the time. In fact, “Entertainment Tonight” reported last week that Holmes and Foxx have “independent lives,” and often “go long stretches without seeing each other.” That casual dynamic means there’s nothing suspicious about them spending time apart, or about Foxx spending time with the mother of his child.

The nonsense about Holmes and Foxx splitting and calling off a nonexistent wedding was debunked by Gossip Cop more than a week ago with on-the-record comments from their individual spokespeople. Following our correction, People confirmed our bust was accurate, and similarly noted that the original report about Foxx and Holmes entirely ending things was untrue. They may not see themselves as a conventional couple, but no one has been “dumped.”

It should also be noted that the online publication seems to have forgotten its own stories from years past. In 2013, one day after falsely claiming Foxx was dating Brandy, the site announced he was “secretly married” after having a “wedding ceremony” with Grannis. Then in 2016, the blog made like it never peddled that tale when it wrongly alleged Foxx and Holmes were married after he wore a ring to the Golden Globes.

None of this is mentioned in this new piece about Foxx “dumping” the actress and reuniting with his “baby mama.” But these are all examples of why the untrustworthy outlet has earned the nickname “MediaFakeOut.”


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