Jamie Foxx Puts Daughter Corinne Through Miss Golden Globe Boot Camp (VIDEO)

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Jamie Foxx Corinne Golden Globes Video

By Michael Lewittes |

Jamie Foxx Corinne Golden Globes Video

(Vanity Fair)

Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne will serve as Miss Golden Globe on Sunday and escort the night’s winners off the stage, but the actor isn’t taking her responsibilities lightly. In a new video, Foxx puts Corinne through boot camp to prepare her for the Globes. Watch the hilarious video below.

In a montage that mimics Creed, Foxx trains Corinne, often ordering her to “smile truthfully” and “go harder” as she practices grinning in front of a mirror. When he presses whether she has what it takes to be Miss Golden Globe, Corinne dramatically knocks her make-up off a counter in frustration.

Corinne is then shown running up the stairs of the family home in heels and then celebrates like Rocky Balboa when she finishes. And during a lesson on how to air kiss, Foxx warns his daughter, “You gotta be careful. Some of these people have hepatitis. You don’t want that.”

When Corinne later expresses concern that she might fall or drop an award, Foxx soothes her nerves by telling her that “everybody’s drinking champagne and high on prescription medicine out there… it won’t be as bad as Steve Harvey.” He counsels her not to talk to boys or girls at the Golden Globes because “it’s Hollywood,” adding, “A boy talked to me one time. I compromised myself for about 10 minutes.”

Check out the video below of Foxx training his daughter Corinne Creed-style for her stint as Miss Golden Globe on Sunday.


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