Jamie Foxx Calls Katie Holmes Dating Rumors “Fake News” (VIDEO)

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Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Dating Fake News

By Andrew Shuster |

Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Dating Fake News

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Jamie Foxx called the rumors he’s dating Katie Holmes “fake news” when asked about the nature of his relationship with the actress at LAX on Monday. Watch the video below.

As Foxx made his way through the airport, a paparazzo first asked the actor about his new game show, “Beat Shazam,” in which a contestant competes against the song identification app Shazam. “It’s a fun show and it’s heartfelt,” Foxx told the photographer. As he continued talking about the new series, the paparazzo interrupted and bluntly asked, “How does Katie feel about it? Katie Holmes.” The actor responded, “Fake news, fake news. C’mon,” before quickly changing the subject and continuing to promote his show. When the photographer next told Foxx that he and Holmes “are really cute together,” the actor replied, “Thanks for saying I’m cute.”

Of course, it’s been speculated for years that Foxx and Holmes are a couple, but both stars have repeatedly denied the claims. The dating rumors spread again earlier this month when it was reported that they took a trip to Paris together. However, the two were never actually photographed together during this supposed getaway, but both were in fact in the city at the same time. Though Gossip Cop has often busted claims about the two getting married or Holmes being pregnant with his baby, we’re not exactly sure talk of them together is actually “fake news,” as Foxx maintains. For what it’s worth, watch Foxx deny the rumor he’s dating Holmes in the video below.

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