Jamie Foxx is "afraid of criticism" he'll receive if he openly dates Katie Holmes, according to a ridiculous report that comes off more like a conspiracy theory. Although this article maintains the actor wants to "keep [their] romance quiet," there isn't actually a serious relationship to share with the world. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

It's clear early on that this story from Celebrity Insider is problematic, as it asserts, "The lovebirds made things official over the summer by accepting to be photographed walking hand-in-hand in Malibu Beach. Since then, the 'Dawson's Creek' actress and Mr. Foxx have gone into hiding." This isn't really true. As Gossip Cop has already reported, Holmes and Foxx were not making anything "official" when paparazzi surreptitiously took photos of them using long lenses. They had no idea at the time they were being photographed, so they were obviously not trying to make a public statement.

As for the contention that the pair subsequently went into "hiding," that wrongly suggests Foxx and Holmes resumed keeping a serious romance from public view. The truth, though, is there is nothing serious about their dynamic. This is a casual connection between two people who hang out on occasion. In fact, Holmes just attended an event to support Foxx on Monday, but they weren't photographed together because they did not want to give the wrong impression.

But Celebrity Insider has its own theory as to why the two haven't confirmed a full-on love affair. "Several reports claimed they were keeping things under wrap because of Holmes' ex-husband, Tom Cruise... Now, insiders are giving an entirely different reason for the secretive romance," contends the site, claiming, "Foxx fears that reporters and naysayers will criticize every aspect of the relationship." This allegation is based on a quote supposedly featured by The Inquisitr, in which a so-called "family friend" purportedly asserts, "The second they confirm they're together, it opens the gates for criticism."

That statement actually originates from a month-old Us Weekly story, in which it was said Foxx "isn't ready to get married" to Holmes. That's true. Neither of them are anywhere near ready for marriage since that's not the kind of dynamic they have. But Celebrity Insider goes on to maintain that "Holmes is not happy about the situation." That claim is based on a false HollywoodLife "exclusive" from October that wrongly said Holmes was "pushing" Foxx to "go more public."

But Holmes isn't "pushing" for anything and Foxx isn't "afraid of criticism." They simply do not have the serious relationship that the gossip media has claimed. It's also illogical to attribute their low-key vibe to a fear of criticism. Even without openly talking about their (casual) connection, the tabloids and webloids still cover them incessantly and scrutinize everything they do. So this theory, that Foxx is trying to avoid criticism, doesn't even make sense, as the media spotlight shines regardless. Should anything change, Gossip Cop will have the accurate details.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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