Jamie Foxx Story About Being On “Worst Behavior,” Owing Katie Holmes “Apology” Is Fake News

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Jamie Foxx behavior

By Michael Lewittes |

Jamie Foxx behavior

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Jamie Foxx does not owe Katie Holmes an “apology” after hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeremy Piven at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles earlier this month. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this seemingly fabricated report. We’re told it’s “utterly ridiculous.”

According to Star, Foxx was on his “worst behavior” at a party for the sunglasses company Prive Revaux. Was he making out with different women? Was he really drunk? Was he rude to other partygoers? Actually, the repeatedly discredited tabloid doesn’t specifically mention anything that would be considered “worst behavior,” but just throws out the allegation without any basis. Absurdly, the magazine then has an unnamed “source” quoted as meaninglessly saying, “Maybe him and and Katie have an open relationship or he’s fooling around her back.”

After the publication can’t point to Foxx acting inappropriately at the event at the Chateau Marmont, it has its same ill-informed or possibly fabricated “spy” allege, “No one saw [Foxx] leave with anyone, but Leo and Jeremy left with an entourage of models. They told Jamie they’d meet up with him back ‘at the house,’ meaning Leo’s place. Who knows what happened back there.” Certainly, the tabloid doesn’t know what happened there. The often disproven outlet couldn’t even offer specifics of what supposedly happened at the eyewear party.

Even more absurdly, after not being able to prove Foxx was on his “worst behavior” or even later being at DiCaprio’s house, the publication has its seemingly made-up “source” scolding, “Jamie should have left the party after taking some promotional shots with the sunglasses.” “He should have thought of Katie and gone home to bed,” adds the same manufactured “spy.”

To say Star has little to no credibility when it comes to Foxx and Holmes would be an overstatement. Gossip Cop has caught the tabloid publishing dozens upon dozens of untrue articles about the two. For example, in March 2016, the publication ran a cover story that falsely claimed Foxx married Holmes and she was pregnant. Of course, that was a lie.

Three months later in June 2016, the magazine forgot about its March wedding report and alleged Holmes was going to marry Foxx in Hawaii. By July of that same year, that same unreliable outlet declared the wedding was off, only to come back in December to swear up and down that Foxx and Holmes were set to tie the knot in Mexico on Year’s Eve. As well-documented, none of those stories were remotely true.

And now the latest article that contends Foxx was on his “worst behavior” at a party for Prive Revaux sunglasses is equally inaccurate. None of Gossip Cop’s impeccable sources could confirm Foxx was doing anything other than hanging out with DiCaprio and Piven. Additionally, a source at the Chateau Marmont confirms he did not act inappropriately at all. Additionally, a rep for Foxx tells Gossip Cop, “The reporting in Star is utterly ridiculous.” With its track record of being so provably hard, we cannot disagree.

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