Jamie Foxx Adopting Suri Cruise Claim NOT True

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Jamie Foxx Adopting Suri Cruise

By Shari Weiss |

Jamie Foxx Adopting Suri Cruise

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Jamie Foxx is not trying to adopt Suri Cruise, despite a report falsely claiming he’s battling Tom Cruise over the young girl. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story, which we’ve learned has no merit whatsoever.

The allegation comes from the National Enquirer, which asserts in its new issue, “Jamie wants to be [Suri’s] ‘dad’ — but Tom’s bringing out the big guns to stop him!” According to the supermarket tabloid, Suri “could soon be in the middle of Hollywood’s most vicious custody war.” It’s said while Foxx “wants to adopt the 10-year-old cutie,” Cruise is “desperate to stop him.”

The premise, of course, is based on Foxx and Suri’s mom, Katie Holmes, supposedly being in a secret relationship. A so-called “source” is quoted as telling the publication, “He wants to marry her, and officially take over parenting of Suri. Now Jamie’s gearing up for an explosive custody battle.”

Cruise “flew into a rage” and “vowed to take Suri away from his ex,” claims the outlet, which also alleges he’s “come up with ideas about how to destroy” Foxx. A supposed “spy” tells the tabloid, “He’s prepared to use every weapon at his disposal to scare Jamie into withdrawing his adoption bid.”

“Despite his nonexistent relationship with Suri, Tom’s determined to get revenge on Jamie for moving in on Katie by preventing Jamie from adopting his daughter,” continues the supposed tipster. “But Jamie is locked and loaded for a showdown. He wants to show Katie — and the world — just how serious he is about her and Suri.”

But this is coming from the same gossip magazine that previously said Foxx and Holmes were married earlier this year. The outlet also falsely claimed she was pregnant with his baby. In other words, the National Enquirer has no credibility in this area.

Now this new adoption tale can be added to the list of many others the outlet has seemingly made up. A rep for Foxx exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “The reporting is completely false.” Shocker.

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Jamie Foxx is adopting Suri Cruise.


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