Jamie Dornan Has NOT Quit Fifty Shades of Grey Sequels, Rep Calls It “Conjecture”

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Jamie Dornan Quit Fifty Shades

By Michael Lewittes |

Jamie Dornan Quit Fifty Shades

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Jamie Dornan has not quit the Fifty Shades of Grey sequels, despite widespread reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct these stories. His rep tell us the claims are only based on “conjecture.”

The story originated in the Australian magazine NW, which Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted for inaccurate stories. According to the latest tale, Dornan will not be back for the second and third Fifty Shades of Grey films, based on the successful book trilogy, because his actress and musician wife Amelia Warner is reportedly uncomfortable with the sadomasochistic and domination themes in the movie.

Naturally, the report of Dornan allegedly quitting set off a firestorm, with fans of the book and film tweeting such things as “Was going to go see Fifty again today, but I think I’ll hold off now until I know if @JamieDornan will continue.” Another fan tweeted, “Jamie Dornan won’t appear in the next films of 50 Shades because his wife don’t like it … #whipped divorce her man.”

But it is NOT true. Dornan has NOT quit the film franchise. His rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively that talk of Dornan bailing on Fifty Shades of Grey is “pure conjecture as the studio has not committed to a sequel as yet.” We also reached out to Focus Features, the film company behind the movie, and were told that they hadn’t heard anything about Dornan dropping out. Focus Features similarly reiterated that there’s no news yet about a second film. Gossip Cop will continue to follow the story.


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