Jamie Dornan Talks “Fifty Shades Darker” On “Today Show” – WATCH

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Jamie Dornan Fifty Shades Darker Today

By Holly Nicol |

Jamie Dornan Fifty Shades Darker Today


Jamie Dornan appeared on Thursday’s “Today Show” to discuss the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker, his new look and life as a dad. Check out the full video below!

When asked by “Today” co-anchor Natalie Morales about his new look, Dornan said, “It’s for a job. It’s for this Robin Hood thing I’m doing. So, yeah, there is a reason for it.” Dornan, however, wasn’t entirely sure if Christian Grey fans would appreciate his new style. “I imagine there’s a few people who are disappointed,” he joked.

Morales went on to ask the actor about the onscreen relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, and how their chemistry has developed since the first movie. “It’s great to see Ana put [Grey] at ease, we get to see a different and softer side of Christian,” Dornan noted. “He smiles a lot more in Darker. She essentially makes him a much better person.” Dornan also discussed how he is not a fan of Grey’s approach to love. “No, man. I’m not. But I’m very understanding of it,” he said.

Morales also asked the actor how it felt to be a dad with two children under the age of three. “Our eldest has just turned three, so it’s total madness and carnage at home, but we love it. At least we’ve got one out of diapers,” he said. Morales then told Dornan how women find men changing diapers attractive, more so than Grey himself. “Really? Well, whatever floats your boat,” he joked. Check out the full video below!

NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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