James Woods Slams President Obama’s Executive Order: Now I Have To “Buy A Gun”

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James Woods Slams Obama Gun Order

By Andrew Shuster |

James Woods Slams Obama Gun Order

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James Woods slammed President Barack Obama for issuing an executive order to enforce stricter gun control laws. As Gossip Cop reported, the president addressed the nation on Tuesday during an emotional speech in which he got tearful while calling for action to prevent gun violence.

During his speech, Obama stressed that he’s not trying to take away anyone’s Second Amendment rights, but instead make it more difficult for people with dangerous criminal backgrounds to obtain firearms. Among the stars who tweeted in support of the president’s decision were Amy Schumer, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Elizabeth Banks, Kerry Washington, and many more.

An outraged Woods, however, slammed the president. The actor tweeted, “First @POTUS gave me no choice but to join the @NRA. Now he’s giving me no choice but to buy a gun. I don’t want to really, but there it is.” Refuting the president’s stance that guns are too easily accessible, the actor added, “Please show me where I can buy a modern working firearm online without the assistance of an FFL dealer. Genuinely curious.” FFL refers to a Federal Firearms License, which a company or individual must obtain in order to buy or sell guns.

Piers Morgan, who’s an outspoken advocate of gun violence prevention, later slammed Woods over his anti-Obama comment. The TV personality retweeted Woods’ message, along with the response, “James Woods – Hollywood’s most cretinous actor.”


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