James Franco ‘Stunned’ Scarlett Johansson Called Him Out In Women’s March Speech Is Made-Up Story

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James Franco Scarlett Johansson

By Andrew Shuster |

James Franco Scarlett Johansson

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A website is purporting to have the “exclusive details” behind James Franco’s “stunned” reaction to Scarlett Johansson calling him out during her speech at the 2018 Women’s March. Gossip Cop, however, is told that no one close to the actor has spilled his thoughts on the matter to the unreliable blog.

On Saturday, Johansson delivered a powerful speech at the Women’s March in Los Angeles, where she seemed to question Franco’s motives for supporting the Time’s Up movement. “How could a person publicly stand by an organization that helps to provide support for victims of sexual assault, while privately preying on people who have no power?” she stated, before adding, “I want my pin back, by the way.”

The actress’s rep later confirmed her comments were aimed at Franco, who wore a Time’s Up pin at the Golden Globes earlier this month, but was accused of sexual harassment by five women in the days that followed. Franco denied the allegations, and now HollywoodLife claims to have the scoop on how he feels about being publicly shamed by Johansson.

A supposed “source” is quoted as saying, “He’s not going to respond because he feels that by doing so he just adds fuel to the fire… If he responds then it’s like he’s disparaging those women who are speaking out, and if he doesn’t then some may think he assumes a level of guilt.” The site’s phony source further maintains that Franco is “horrified that he was branded as some kind of sexual aggressor.”

Of course, it’s safe to assume that Franco might be taken aback after getting called out by Johansson at such a major and important event, but HollywoodLife has no insight into the situation. Gossip Cop is exclusively told by an actual source close to the actor that no one in his camp has been in contact with the untrustworthy blog. Instead, the outlet decided to capitalize on a big news story by pretending to have an “exclusive” angle on it. This is more fan fiction being sold as journalism.