James Franco Prevented From Flirting With Glenn Close’s Daughter?

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James Franco Glen Close Daughter

By Andrew Shuster |

James Franco Glen Close Daughter

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Did Glenn Close really thwart James Franco’s attempt to flirt with her daughter Annie Starke? That’s the claim in one of this week’s new tabloids, which says the actor was shot down after approaching the actress’s daughter at a film festival. Gossip Cop looked into the story and we can exclusively set the record straight.

Close and her 29-year-old daughter attended the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain last month to promote their new film together, The Wife, while Franco was on hand to screen his upcoming movie The Disaster Artist. According to Star, the actor made a move on Starke when she caught his eye at the event. A so-called “spy” tells the magazine, “He was really laying on the charm. Then Glenn very casually walked up and said, ‘I hope you aren’t flirting with my daughter, because her fiance is over there!'”

The outlet’s questionable source says Franco “was stunned and kind of stammered” when supposedly Close prevented the actor’s alleged advances, “but then laughed if off and said, ‘Hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying!” The seemingly made-up insider adds, “But he definitely made a hasty exit!” Gossip Cop, however, is exclusively assured none of this ever occurred.

Close herself tells Gossip Cop via her rep that she “only remembers seeing [Franco] briefly backstage during the awards ceremony,” but the alleged incident involving her daughter simply “did not happen.” Instead, it seems the tabloid decided to arbitrarily link Franco and the daughter of a random celebrity just because they all attended the same event.

Of course, Star isn’t the best source when it comes to getting accurate news about the actor, so we’re not surprised by this phony article. Gossip Cop previously busted the untrustworthy publication for wrongly reporting Franco was becoming a Scientologist. That story was completely fabricated, and this latest one is equally bogus.

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