James Corden Celebrates Cinco de Mayo By Being Human Piñata On Late Late Show (VIDEO)

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James Corden Pinata

By Michael Lewittes |

James Corden Pinata


James Corden celebrated Cinco de Mayo by being a human pinata on Tuesday’s show. The “Late Late Show” host explained that his staff was a little late buying a pinata, and trying to get one on Cinco de Mayo in Los Angeles was an impossibility. So, with no other choice, Corden had to be a human piñata or, as he called it, a Cordenata for his guests Kaley Cuoco and LL Cool J. Watch the hilarious video below.

Wrapped in colorful paper, with candies stuffed inside, Corden was hoisted in the air above the stage, while Cuoco and Cool J were given plastic bats. Cuoco was then blindfolded and spun around by Cool J before she started swinging wildly into the air. It didn’t take the “Big Bang Theory” star too much effort to get right in Corden’s path, and smack away at him as candy poured out of his pinata outfit.

Unfortunately for Corden, that wasn’t the end of it. Next up was Cool J, who seemed to connect with Corden even quicker and way harder than Cuoco. The actor and rapper whacked the heck out of Corden to the point where the talk show host begged for the segment to end. But it didn’t, and Cool J continued to wail on Corden, as candies flew everywhere.

Check out the video below of James Corden being a human pinata for Cinco de Mayo on the “Late Late Show,” and tell us what you think.


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