James Corden And Guests Nuzzle Faces On Snake, Sumo Wrestler On Late Late Show (VIDEO)

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James Corden Nuzzle late late show

By Michael Lewittes |

James Corden Nuzzle late late show


James Corden had guests Nick Offerman, Ellie Kemper, and Thomas Middleditch on Monday’s “Late Late Show” unwittingly nuzzle their faces against a live snake and a nearly nude sumo wrestler. In a bit called “Nuzzle Waaa?” Corden and guests all took turns wearing blindfolds, as they rubbed their faces against different objects and had to guess what the items were.

Corden and Kemper were on one team, and Offerman and Middleditch were on the other. In the first round, a blindfolded Corden and Offerman nuzzled up to a cluster of grapes held in between them by “Late Late Show” bandleader Reggie Watts. Offerman quickly guessed what it was, winning the first round for his team. In round two, Kemper and Middleditch wore their blindfold as Watts brought out a giant gummy bear. Neither one could figure out what it was as they rubbed their faces against it.

In the third round, Corden and Offerman put on their blindfolds again as Watts brought out a live snake. Corden and Offerman stepped forward, not knowing what was in front of them, and nuzzled their faces against the writhing snake. Offerman was the first one to correctly guess what it was. “What the f*ck,” yelled Corden, who was clearly upset he had his face pressed up against a live snake.

All four contestants competed in the last round. With their blindfolds on, they each gingerly stepped forward as a sumo wrestler was brought out onto the stage. Corden, Offerman, Kemper, and Middleditch each rubbed their faces up-and-down the nearly naked man, as they tried to figure out what it was. Kemper screamed, “I don’t like this.” Corden, who came dangerously close to nuzzling the sumo wrestler’s tiny wrap over his groin, correctly guessed what it is, winning the game for his team.

Check out the video below of James Corden and his guests playing “Nuzzle Waaa?” and tell us what you think.


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