James Corden Mocks American Adults Celebrating Halloween (VIDEO)

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James Corden Mocks Halloween

By Andrew Shuster |

James Corden Mocks Halloween


James Corden let it be known on Monday’s “Late Late Show” that he is no fan of the way American adults celebrate Halloween. The talk show host mocked how many parents are overenthusiastic about the holiday. Watch below!

“Saturday was ‘National Try Too Hard Day’ on Instagram, or as you guys call it, Halloween,” the host joked during his monologue. The British comic went on to explain how in England, the holiday is for children, but in America it’s been “hijacked by adults who’ve gotten totally carried away.” The most frightening part of Halloween? “If you spent more time on your costume than your kid’s costume,” cracked Corden.

After his 4-year-old son became terrified while visiting a house where the owner had a fake slit throat, Corden suggested, “Let’s just go to a 7/11, they have full-size candy bars there.” He quipped that it’s gotten to the point where “7/11 is less scary than a house in Santa Monica.” As far as how much sugary candy the kids consume, the host said, “It doesn’t matter what superhero your kid goes as, because after eating two blocks worth of candy, they all just become the Hulk.” “I saw a 6-year-old pick up a car and throw it,” he added.

Corden was particularly infuriated by “couples costumes,” pointing out, “One person gets the short end of the straw with these costume.” He referenced a man saying to his significant other, “I’m gonna dress up like a pimp, and you’re gonna go as my skank ass ho.”

Watch Corden mock the ways American adults celebrate Halloween, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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