James Corden Sends Heartfelt Message To People Of London Following Terror Attack (VIDEO)

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James Corden Late Late Show London Terror Attack

By Holly Nicol |

James Corden sent a heartfelt message to the people of London on Wednesday’s “Late Late Show” following the Westminster terror attack. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, a terrorist attack in London near Parliament and on the Westminster bridge on Wednesday resulted in a number of deaths and injuries. Britain’s Parliament was placed on lockdown after an assailant drove into the fence outside the building and stabbed a police officer to death before being shot by authorities. Several more people were also mowed down by a car on Westminster Bridge. Following the attack, Corden, a London native, paid an emotional tribute to the city.

“There was a terror attack today in my home town, the city of London,” Corden said. “It’s still unknown what the motives were. What we do know at this point is that people have lost their lives, and many many more have been injured. I know a lot of people in Britain watch this show, a lot of people from Britain work on this show.”

He continued, “It was funny watching the news today, I felt a really long way from home. When something like that happens in your home town, you don’t have a feeling of being glad that you’re so far away, what you feel is that you wish you could be there with loved ones to stand alongside them.”

“London is a diverse, proud and brilliant city, and one thing is for sure, if this act of terrorism was supposed to divide the people of London, I know for a fact that all something like this does is bring them closer together as one. Tonight we send our heartfelt thoughts to everyone in Britain,” Corden shared. Watch the video below of Corden’s message to the people of London.

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