Kerry Washington, Alec Baldwin Compare Donald Trump Presidency To “Scandal” On “Late Late Show” (VIDEO)

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James Corden Kerry Washington Alec Baldwin Late Late Show

By Holly Nicol |

James Corden Kerry Washington Alec Baldwin Late Late Show


James Corden sat down with Kerry Washington and Alec Baldwin on Tuesday’s “Late Late Show,” where they discussed their thoughts on Donald Trump and compared his presidency to Washington’s show, “Scandal.” Check out the video below!

“You’re both politically outspoken,” Corden said of Washington and Baldwin, encouraging the actress to draw parallels between “Scandal” and the current presidency. “We did shocking storylines on ‘Scandal,’ but we’re like ‘Little House on the Prairie’ compared to this administration,” Washington joked.

Corden went on to discuss Baldwin’s hilarious impersonations of Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” and asked him how his fans are reacting to the sketches. “People are very kind and they always say ‘thank you,’ like they think I’m having an effect on the political field of gravity,” Baldwin joked. “I think they’re saying thank you for making us laugh through it,” Corden said, prompting a huge cheer from the audience.

The talk show host also asked Baldwin if he had ever met the president, revealing a picture of the actor alongside Trump at a breast cancer foundation a number of years ago. “He was a different person. He was social. He’s not at all like he is now. He won the election, he’s President of the United States, and he still looks incredibly constipated. He looks terrible,” Baldwin quipped.

“I think he’s inexplicable. I thought he’d change his complete tone when he won, and he hasn’t,” Baldwin added, prompting Washington to respond, “Maybe he’s looking at the popular vote numbers.” Check out the hilarious video below, in which Corden shares a story with his guests about the first time he met Trump.

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