James Corden Gives John Stamos As Mother’s Day Gift On “Late Late Show”

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John Stamos Mother's Day Late Show

By Andrew Shuster |


James Corden has found the perfect Mother’s Day gift: John Stamos! Watch the funny sketch from Monday’s “Late Late Show” below.

The talk show’s mock commercial opens with Corden and his two (pretend) kids bringing mom breakfast in bed with a handmade card, but she looks a bit underwhelmed by the presents. A voiceover then announces, “Mothers do so much every day, so doesn’t she deserve the very best? This year, get her what she really wants.”

Much to mom’s delight, Stamos then walks into the room, and he’s advertised as being able to perform “basic repairs,” “light housework” and “deep tissue sports massage,” which he demonstrates on the mother in front of Corden and the children. Corden then also drops off Stamos, along with a ton of balloons, to his his own mom’s doorstep, but she pushes away the balloons and just drags in the handsome actor.

“Remember, she’s a mother, but she’s also a woman,” the announcer adds. “With needs that only John Stamos can fulfill.” And with that, Stamos bring Corden’s wife to the bed and shuts the door on the talk show host, who reminds his spouse, “One month until Father’s Day!” Watch the funny “Late Late Show” sketch below!


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