James Corden Supports People Of Barcelona In Heartfelt Message Following Terror Attack (VIDEO)

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James Corden Barcelona Attack Video

By Holly Nicol |

James Corden Barcelona Attack Video


James Corden shared a powerful and heartfelt message to the people of Barcelona on Thursday’s “Late Late Show” following the recent terror attack in the heart of the city. Watch the full video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, a terror attack in the city of Barcelona on Thursday resulted in 13 deaths and around 100 injuries after an unidentified man drove a white van into a crowd of pedestrians in the Las Ramblas district. In the wake of the horrific attack, Corden paid an emotional tribute to the victims, the city and its people during his opening monologue.

“You will by now have heard about the tragic events today in Barcelona. It saddens me that once again I need to start our program talking about another appalling tragedy in the world,” the late night host said. “When we hear about London or Paris, Stockholm and now Barcelona, you could almost start to become numb to it, like this is something becoming normal and we don’t need to talk about it here on our show.”

Corden continued, “But we think we mustn’t allow it to become something that’s normal. We must talk about it so that we remember how sad, horrific and tragic these moments are. To the people of Spain and Barcelona, I just want to add to the rest of the world outpouring of love and give our thoughts for you.”

He concluded, “We are thinking about the victims and their families on what must be unimaginable day of horror for them. Our job here is to bring a bit of light and levity to the end of your day in a world where it is becoming often too hard to find.” As Gossip Cop reported, Corden sent a similarly heartfelt message to the people of London following the Westminster terror attack in March. Watch the late night host’s message to the people of Barcelona below.

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