James Cameron Pays Tribute To Bill Paxton On “The View,” Talks “Titanic” (VIDEO)

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James Cameron The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

James Cameron The View Video


James Cameron paid tribute to the late Bill Paxton and discussed Titanic conspiracy theories on “The View” on Thursday. Check out the video below.

With the ABC talk show filming in Disney World this week, Cameron was on the program to showcase “Pandora: The World Of Avatar,” the new Avatar-themed land that will open in Animal Kingdom in May. But after talking about the project, the co-hosts brought up some of the director’s other famous films, including Terminator and Titanic. Paxton, who died last month, first starred in the former, and then the latter.

Cameron reflected, “That was just me wanting to work with Bill again, because he was such a great actor. His death is such a tragedy to me personally. And every single person that ever met Bill, you meet Bill and you feel in 30 seconds like you’ve been friends for life. That’s just how he was.”

“That affability that you see on screen, that’s him. It’s not like an actor that kind of switches the second they walk on set. He was that guy,” the filmmaker said. Whoopi Goldberg agreed, and as Cameron discussed his longtime friend, pictures of them appeared on screen.

The conversation went on to take a more light-hearted tone as Cameron addressed some popular claims about Titanic, such as whether Jack could’ve fit on the door with Kate. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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