Jake Gyllenhaal “Good Morning America” Video: Watch “Life” Interview!

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Jake Gyllenhaal Good Morning America Life

By Holly Nicol |

Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on Monday’s “Good Morning America” to talk about his new sci-fi movie Life. Check out the video below!

The actor sat down with Michael Strahan in a one-on-one interview on the morning show to discuss the new sci-fi thriller, which follows a crew aboard the International Space Station who discover the first evidence of life on Mars. As Gossip Cop reported, Ryan Reynolds recently appeared on “GMA” to talk about the film, gushing about his close relationship with co-star Gyllenhaal. “He has a man crush on you,” Strahan said. “Well I think he has fantastic taste, that’s for sure,” the actor joked.

Gyllenhaal went on to talk about his complex character in Life. “At the beginning of the movie, he looked at humanity and he was a real cynic,” he noted. “It was interesting to play a character like that, because I feel the same way sometimes about things that are going on down here. But I think being here, and staying here, particularly in this country and in the world is the most important thing. I’m down for space exploration but I don’t think they should send me up there,” the actor joked.

The actor also spoke about the difficulties of filming a space movie. “They put you in a harness and you’re flying around. It’s a strange this for your brain to get around, but it’s also really fun. Sometimes there’s a possibility of a little chafing,” he joked. Watch the full “GMA” interview below, in which Gyllenhaal also talks about his Broadway return. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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