Jake Gyllenhaal “GMA” Introduction With Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Was “Coincidence” — EXCLUSIVE (VIDEO)

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Jake Gyllenhaal GMA Taylor Swift Bad Blood Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jake Gyllenhaal GMA Taylor Swift Bad Blood Video

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Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on “Good Morning America” on Monday with some surprising entrance music. As Robin Roberts introduced the segment, Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” played in the background. Watch below.

Gyllenhaal was on the ABC morning show to promote his new boxing movie, Southpaw, which opens in theaters on Friday. The decision, however, to feature music by his ex-girlfriend was not lost on viewers. In fact, a number of watchers took to Twitter to comment on the song choice.

“Lol #gma really? Bad blood by Taylor swift to introduce Jake Gyllenhaal? Cold…,” observed one person. Another individual wrote, “That awkward moment when Jake Gyllenhaal is being interviewed on GMA and they’re playing his ex-gf’s song ‘Bad Blood’ in the background.” A different individual tweeted, “Really @GMA playing Bad Blood in your intro for jake gyllenhaal? Whoa burn!” Still another said, “Um @GMA? Maybe playing “Bad Blood” as you intro Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t such a cool thing, seeing as how it’s sung by his ex. Just a thought.”

But any conspiracy theorists should know this was not some calculated move to embarrass Gyllenhaal, or re-link him to his famous ex. A rep for “GMA” exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the music was a “total coincidence.” And at least the show didn’t pick one of the songs Swift actually wrote about Gyllenhaal!

As Gossip Cop has reported, the actor is believed to be the inspiration for the superstar’s 2012 album, Red. And while they no doubt had a difficult breakup, the stars seem to be at peace with each other. Gossip Cop corrected a false tabloid story earlier this year that wrongly claimed Swift had a “mini-meltdown” at a Golden Globes party when she saw Gyllenhaal. In actuality, the two not only talked for a bit, but also gave each other a hug. Listen closely the “GMA” video below, and tell us what you think! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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