Jaden Gray “Boy Band” Video – Watch “Hallelujah” Performance!

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Jaden Gray Boy Band

By Shari Weiss |

Jaden Gray Boy Band


Jaden Gray did a moving performance of “Hallelujah” on the “Boy Band” series premiere on Thursday. Watch the video below!

On ABC’s new music competition, Nick Carter, Timbaland and Emma Bunton are putting together a group of singers from scratch. Hundreds originally auditioned for the reality show, but only 30 were invited to take part in the first episode, hosted by Rita Ora. The judges, here called “architects,” planned to narrow the contestants down to 18, and further divide them into possible groups. The 10-episode series will show how the groups are formed and reshuffled in hopes of finding and uniting the five best performers into one act. A contract with Hollywood Records is up for grabs in the end.

Among those hoping to make it all the way is 16-year-old Gray. The Hawthorne, California native stood on a dark stage with a single spotlight as he touchingly sang the late Leonard Cohen’s classic song. Timbaland gave an extended standing ovation, and could be heard exclaiming, “Wow! What?!” He then told Gray, “You got a serious anointing. You sing with a lot of poise. You know who you are. You would definitely make a great addition to a band. You are amazing.”

Carter told the teen, “You obviously have a God-given gift, but honestly, some of the most amazing pop singers have come from the gospel world. Thank you so much for giving us a fresh performance.” And Bunton said, “You saw how much we enjoyed that. I mean, those notes that you hit.” After Gray took part in a choreography test, he was chosen for the Top 18. Check out the videos below!

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