Jada Pinkett Smith Tells Black Community: Let’s “Pull Back” From Oscars And “Acknowledge Ourselves” (VIDEO)

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Jada Pinkett Smith Black Oscars Boycott

By Andrew Shuster |

Jada Pinkett Smith Black Oscars Boycott


Jada Pinkett Smith posted a Facebook video on Monday urging the black community to recognize its own accomplishments and not worry about being accepted at the Academy Awards. See the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Pinkett Smith suggested in a Facebook post on Saturday that black entertainers boycott the Oscars, due to only white actors being nominated for the second year in a row. One of the snubbed potential nominees happened to have been the actress’s husband Will Smith, who was widely expected to receive a Best Actor nomination for Concussion.

In her follow-up video, Pinkett Smith says, “Today is Martin Luther King’s birthday and I can’t help but ask the question, ‘Is it time that people of color recognize how much power and influence we have amassed, that we no longer have to ask to be invited anywhere?'” The actress adds, “Maybe it’s time we recognize that if we love, respect, and acknowledge ourselves in the way in which we are asking others to do… that is the place of true power.”

Pinkett Smith goes on to express, “The Academy has the right to acknowledge whomever they choose; to invite whomever they choose; And now I think that it’s our responsibility to make the change.” She further calls on the black community to “pull back our resources” and “make programs for ourselves that acknowledge us in ways that we see fit; That are just as good as the so-called mainstream ones.”

The actress argues, “Begging for acknowledgment, or even asking, diminishes dignity and diminishes power… Let’s let the Academy do them, with all grace and love, and let’s do us differently. I’ve got nothing but love.” In a direct message to the show’s upcoming host Chris Rock, the actress then says, “I won’t be at the Academy Awards, and I won’t be watching, but I can’t think of a better man to do the job at hand this year then you my friend. Good luck.” Pinkett Smith signs off, “And to the rest of you: nothing but love always.” Watch the video below.

We must stand in our power!We must stand in our power.

Posted by Jada Pinkett Smith on Monday, January 18, 2016


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