Jada Pinkett Smith Hair Loss Caused By Marriage Problems With Will Smith?

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Jada Pinkett Smith Hair Loss

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Jada Pinkett Smith Hair Loss

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Is Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair loss caused by marriage problems with Will Smith? A new report claims the actress’ medical issue has been brought on by an impending divorce. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the story.

“Jada’s Losing Will — And Her Hair! Going Bald From Stress As They Hurtle Toward $270 Million Divorce,” reads a sensational headline in the new edition of the National Enquirer. According to the article, Jada’s “shaky marriage” is the reason why she’s “going bald.” It’s specifically alleged that “pals of the A-list couple blame their marital ups and downs” for the situation, yet no “pals” are identified by name.

Rather, the supermarket tabloid repeats disputed contentions from February about the Smiths getting a divorce following a “trial separation.” As Gossip Cop rightly reported then, they weren’t separated at all. Just one day prior, Will shared on Instagram a video of himself and Jada on a paddleboat. So now, after repeating already disproven claims, and then bringing up daughter Willow’s recent confession that she used to cut herself, a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying about Jada, “It’s no wonder her hair is falling out.”

But the magazine has no real proof to back up its premise. Furthermore, Gossip Cop can poke substantial holes in it. While Jada did admit she was terrified she was going bald when her hair first started falling out, she actually revealed that a cause hasn’t been determined. “I’ve gotten every kind of test there is to have. They don’t know why [it’s happening],” she said. Additionally, Jada revealed this week that she’s getting steroid shots that are “helping” the issue. So the notion that this ailment is a direct result of marital problems is clearly false, as is the implication that Jada is permanently losing her hair.

What’s more, though, is that Will and Jada are absolutely not on the verge of breaking up. Just last week, Will himself addressed divorce rumors in a new song, rapping, “20 years of swag y’all just witnessed/Stop the divorce rumors and mind your damn business.” The “20 years,” of course, is a reference to the couple marking their 20th anniversary last December. Gossip Cop also busted the Enquirer’s sister publication, Star, for wrongly alleging last week that Will and Jada are living “separate lives” and about to split.

Conclusion: According to Jada herself, the cause of her hair loss is undetermined, so the tabloid has no legitimate basis for connecting the relatively common medical problem to marriage trouble. And Will is on record shutting down speculation of a divorce, so the logic is faulty at best. Plus, on top of the comments from the stars themselves going against this narrative, the magazine shows it has no credibility by incorporating claims that were already debunked several months ago. As a result, we’ve concluded that this story is without merit.


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