Jada Pinkett Smith Did NOT Meet With Divorce Lawyer, Despite Report (VIDEO)

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Jada Pinkett Divorce Lawyer Will Smith

By Shari Weiss |

Jada Pinkett Divorce Lawyer Will Smith

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Jada Pinkett Smith did NOT meet with a divorce lawyer, despite a new report that claims she is “preparing to call it quits” with Will Smith. Gossip Cop can correct the story.

The allegation comes from In Touch, which quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “Will and Jada’s marriage has spiraled out of control and she’s contemplating divorce. In May she consulted a high-profile divorce attorney after things hit rock bottom for them. She will leave him if things continue down this path. And she is not messing around.”

And therein lies the tabloid’s out. In Touch doesn’t say Pinkett IS divorcing Smith, but conveniently claims she will only “IF” the actor supposedly doesn’t change his ways. So when the couple doesn’t actually split, the magazine will be hoping readers will have long forgotten its tall tale, or will cover its butt by saying Smith shaped up, so Pinkett didn’t have to ship him out.

It’s typical tabloid trickery. And, frankly, Pinkett herself is sick of it. “You’d think people would be rooting for you to stay together, not to break up, you know?” she complained to “Entertainment Tonight” just last week (see video below). Noting how the rumor mill has spread countless breakup stories about her and Smith over the years, Pinkett emphatically stated, “Just so that you know, we’re not getting a divorce… again!”

Furthermore, Gossip Cop is told that Pinkett has NOT met with a divorce lawyer, and has NOT taken any steps to “prepare” for a split from Smith. See Pinkett talking about the made-up claims below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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