Jackie Evancho ‘The View’ Interview Video: Transgender Sister Talks Donald Trump

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Jackie evancho The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jackie evancho The View Video


Jackie Evancho and her sister Juliet appeared on “The View” on Friday to discuss transgender rights and Donald Trump. Watch the video below.

Juliet, who is transgender, was not at the inauguration in January when Jackie sang the National Anthem for Trump’s swearing-in because she was undergoing gender-confirmation surgery. A month later, Jackie appeared with her sister on “GMA,” defending her decision to perform. She did so again now on the ABC talk show.

“It was for my country and because my president asked me to sing it… Who would say no to that? It was a huge honor, and I had to seize the opportunity,” Jackie told Sara Haines. Now the singer wants to meet with Trump to discuss transgender rights alongside her sister. But despite requesting a sit-down, the president has yet to agree.

Jackie insisted, “We’re working on it. Hopefully soon. We’re hopeful.” Sunny Hostin expressed shock that no one in the administration has reached out. The former “America’s Got Talent” star noted, “Other than what Sean Spicer said, no,” referring to Trump’s press secretary saying Trump would be open to a meeting.

If that should happen, Juliet said, “We would make him aware of what, me, as a transgender person, and [Jackie] have experienced at our school since all the turmoil. I’ve had things thrown at me.” And, when talking about the backlash she received for performing at the inauguration, Jackie said, “It’s amazing what people have the nerve to say on the Internet.”

Juliet, who also shared her coming out story with the panelists, further opened up about facing a bathroom battle at her own high school when parents complained about her using the girls’ bathroom, “thinking we’re monsters there to harm their children.” After going to court, Juliet won a preliminary injunction that allows her to use the bathroom matching her gender identity.

In addition to the interview, Evancho also gave a performance to support her new album. Check out videos below.

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