Jack White Denies Trying To Fight Patrick Carney, Fires Back At “Bully” Claims

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Jack White Fighting Patrick Carney Feud

By Shari Weiss |

Jack White Fighting Patrick Carney Feud

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Jack White and Patrick Carney are feuding after an incident at a New York bar on Sunday night.

Carney sent out a series of tweets on Monday morning describing the run-in, calling White a “bully,” and alleging his fellow rocker tried to “fight” him. “I’ve never met jack white,” Carney began. “Until last night. He came to a bar in Nyc I go to a lot with a few friends and tried to fight me.”

The Black Keys drummer continued, “I don’t fight and don’t get fighting but he was mad!!! He is why I play music. The bully a**holes who made me feel like nothing. Music was a private non competitive thing.” Carney went on to tweet, “A 40 year old bully tried to fight the 35 year old nerd.”

For his part, White maintains that he did NOT try to instigate a physical altercation. In a statement, the former White Stripes front man says, “Nobody tried to fight you, Patrick. Nobody touched you or ‘bullied’ you. You were asked a question you couldn’t answer so you walked away. So quit whining to the Internet and speak face to face like a human being. End of story.”

As for what might’ve sparked the confrontation, White has previously bashed Carney’s Black Keys bandmate Dan Auerbach for allegedly stealing his sound. UPDATE: Carney now says in his own statement, “I got into music because of people like him. The bully a**holes who made me feel like nothing. Music was a collaborative and non competitive thing. So, to get macho bullsh*t from within the musical community makes me angry and sad.”

SECOND UPDATE: Carney now says, “Talked to jack for an hour he’s cool. All good.”


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