Jack Osbourne Reveals HUGE Back Tattoo (PHOTO)

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Jack Osbourne Back Tattoo

By Michael Lewittes |

Jack Osbourne Back Tattoo

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Jack Osbourne revealed a HUGE colorful back tattoo on Saturday, and admitted his mother Sharon was none too pleased with it. The artwork, which covers the entirely of Jack’s back (and goes with his heavily tattooed arms) has a Japanese Samurai theme. See Jack Obsourne’s inked up back below.

In an Instagram post he shared of his tattooed back, Jack wrote, “Here’s something that most people don’t know about me… Safe to say Mum wasn’t thrilled at first. #tattoos #backpeice.” Neither Sharon nor Ozzy have publicly commented on their son’s back tattoo. In the past, however, the family matriarch let it be known she was unhappy when Jack’s sister Kelly tatted the word “Stories” on the left side of her head. Kelly noted at the time, “My mom is not very happy.”

That, however, was a relatively small tattoo and could easily be covered by Kelly’s hair, but Jack’s massive art cannot concealed if he’s shirtless. His mostly green-and-red back tattoo, which features Japanese imagery and writing, shows a Samurai fighting a sea serpent. There are also dragons, snakes, mermaids, roses, and lotus flowers abounding on his back. The TV star gave no indication when it was done or how long it took to complete the tattoo. Check out the photo below of Jack Osbourne’s fully tattooed back.

Jack Osbourne Back Tattoo

(Instagram/Jack Osbourne)


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