Ivanka Trump Alleged Stalker Arrested Near Trump Tower

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Ivanka Trump Stalker Arrested

By Shari Weiss |

Ivanka Trump Stalker Arrested

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A man accused of stalking Ivanka Trump was arrested just one block from Trump Tower.

Justin Massler previously served six months in jail for aggravated harassment of Trump in 2012. He was most recently confined to a mental health facility in Nevada, but somehow managed to escape late last month. He then made his way to New York, and his brother allegedly put him up in a hotel located only a block away from Trump Tower.

The Secret Service, which has been protecting President-elect Donald Trump’s family for months, became aware of Massler’s whereabouts and arrested him at the hotel on November 29. He was then taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he remains. Although Massler has not been charged with any new crimes yet, it seems likely he will be facing at least a probation violation stemming from the prior conviction, which included a probation period of five years.

Trump, who also has a restraining order against him, has had to deal with similar situations involving others. John Eugene Enabnit was arrested in 2013 for violating a stay-away order by following her to Doral, Florida. He had previously been charged with harassment and stalking after repeated visits to Trump’s New York apartment.

In the case of Massler, who was originally arrested in 2010 for harassing Trump, he has also been accused of stalking other stars. He even once described himself as a “celebrity stalker.” Trump has not commented on this latest incident.

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Ivanka Trump’s alleged stalker, Justin Massler, was arrested near Trump Tower.


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