Ivanka Trump: I “Worry” For Donald Trump’s Safety (VIDEO)

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Ivanka Trump GMA Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ivanka Trump GMA Video


Ivanka Trump admits fearing for father Donald Trump’s safety in an interview broadcast on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America.” Check out the videos below.

Ivanka sat down with “GMA” anchor Lara Spencer in Cleveland on Monday, in advance of her big speech later this week at the Republican National Convention. During the lengthy interview, the businesswoman address a wide range of issues, including her dad’s campaign tactics. At one point, in light of recent shootings across the country, Spencer asked if she feared for Donald’s safety.

“We live in scary times. I worry about the safety of my father,” Ivanka responded. “But I worry about the safety of every American, including my children, myself, my family.”

Ivanka, who worked alongside her father on “The Apprentice,” called him both a “messenger of the people” and “the people’s candidate.” She insisted, “Despite what anyone might say, including the opposition, I know the man, and so do my children.” The star further claimed many have a “flawed” perception of Donald, saying, “He believes in equality.”

As for his controversial tweets, Ivanka said, “The only filter is himself. He’s able to communicate exactly what he wants to say. It has gotten him into trouble occasionally, but I think much more powerful [is] he speaks from the brain [and] he speaks from the heart.” She also called Donald’s Star Of David flap “ridiculous,” and touted his “warmth and empathy.”

Ivanka also acknowledged that, like her dad, she, too, has “strong opinions,” and attributed it to being raised that way. That said, she admitted she’s “terrified” to speak at the “intimidating” convention on Thursday. Watch below.


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