#IStandWithTaylor: Taylor Swift Fans Tweet Support Amid Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Feud

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IStandWithTaylor Swift Fans

By Shari Weiss |

IStandWithTaylor Swift Fans

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Taylor Swift fans are using the hashtag “#IStandWithTaylor” to express support for the singer amid her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. On Monday night, the phrase became one of the top trending topics in the U.S., and also trended worldwide.

As Gossip Cop reported, Swift’s years-long feud with West took yet another turn on Tuesday night when Kardashian shared video showing her husband discussing his controversial song “Famous” on the phone with the singer. To the couple, it was proof Swift had lied about not approving the track’s provocative lyrics. The songstress hit back shortly after, noting that not only did she not know the conversation was being recorded, but also pointing out the footage doesn’t show her giving her blessing to the key line, “I made that bitch famous.”

Swift was nonetheless dragged on social media afterward, with “#KimExposedTaylorParty” becoming a trending topic. Now, however, it’s Swift fans who are dominating on Twitter. With “#IStandWithTaylor,” Swifties are not only defending her, but also explaining why they love the singer.

@SwiftInstinct tweeted, “#IStandWithTaylor because she treats her fans like best friend and she is so sweet and kind and she only deserve to be love.” @Squiggy_Gamer said, “#IStandWithTaylor because she’s a better role model than k&k will ever be.” @KodiGaddis commented, “#IStandWithTaylor because in a world where people thinking hating & being a bully is more popular rather than being a good-hearted human.”

“#IStandWithTaylor because a young woman shouldn’t be victimized and called out because of her success,” wrote @whatswithvi. @florencia_jfb tweeted, “#IStandWithTaylor because those that are waiting for her downfall are a bunch of losers.” @messofadreamr13 said, “#IStandWithTaylor because she knows how to stand up for herself in a classy and respectful way.”

@flower_boho also remarked, “#IStandWithTaylor because she runs towards her fans instead of away from them.” And a user with the name @hiddIeswift posted, “#IStandWithTaylor is trending and the tweets regarding it make me SO HAPPY. It was about time there was love instead of hate.” Not surprisingly, though, some Swift detractors also used the “#IStandWithTaylor” hashtag to criticize the pop star.

@visionofextc clapped back, “#IStandWithTaylor well sit down.” @ARIANASTWAT snapped, “#istandwithtaylor y’all stand with a liar, who played you for months. Yikes.” And Twitter user @LilPoundCake1 even said, “#IStandWithTaylor backfired. Most of the tweets are from people who don’t like her. HAHA! I’m so petty today. lol.”

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