Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant Again?

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Jessica Simpson Pregnant

By Michael Lewittes |

Jessica Simpson Pregnant

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A new tabloid report maintains Jessica Simpson is pregnant, but it’s not true. Gossip Cop can not only correct the claim, but also point out how the magazine is being untruthful about its sources. Conversely, a rep for Simpson tells us on the record she’s not expecting.

According to the National Enquirer, Simpson has a third “baby on board.” The supermarket tabloid falsely asserts that a source “close” to the actress-singer says she’s “about three months along.” After the same unnamed “source” declares in the publication that’s “she pregnant,” the untraceable individual adds, “She’s keeping it secret for now.”

As its supposed proof, the magazine writes, “[Simpson] looked just as put together getting off a flight to the Big Apple as she did getting on.” The questionable “source” offers, “The fact that she looked good after the flight is a sign that she’s probably laying off the booze.” The tabloid also features a photo of Simpson with a circle around her midsection with a caption that reads, “Bursting bulge.”

Allow Gossip Cop to tear apart the outlet’s bogus article. As noted above, Simpson is not pregnant, her rep assured us last week. So there’s no third “baby on board.” But what’s wrong on another level is how the tabloid has the gall to contend it has a source “close” to the fashion mogul. If the magazine truly had a Simpson insider, it wouldn’t be wrong about her expecting and that person wouldn’t share such personal news with a tabloid if Simpson were really “keeping it secret for now.”

Actually, Simpson has made no secret of not wanting another child. Last year, Simpson told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, that she’s happy with her two kids, Maxwell and Ace, but is “not having a third.” She even shared, “We got an IUD, nothing’s gonna get in that uterus.”

Additionally, a real-life insider wouldn’t base his or her contention that Simpson is pregnant on how she looked when getting off a plane. It appears the magazine manufactured its article on recent photos of Simpson and then concocted quotes that it ascribed to a source “close” to her. But it’s all a lie and wrong.

Just days after wearing the outfit that the publication circled and captioned “bursting bulge,” Simpson shared photos on Instagram of herself in a bikini while on vacation with her husband Eric Johnson in the Bahamas. In the images, it’s clear the actress is not expecting. But this is hardly the first time the tabloid has used pictures to falsely allege Simpson is pregnant.

A year ago, the same magazine similarly maintained that photos then showed “unmistakable evidence of a baby bump.” It also contended that Simpson was “at least three months along.” The Enquirer was wrong and didn’t have a legitimate source a year ago, and it’s the exact same scenario now. UPDATE: On September 18, 2018, Simpson announced she was pregnant with her third child, but the tabloid was wrong when it published its story that alleged she was already three months along. Apparently, she decided to have another baby.


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