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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton aren’t strangers to tabloid gossip and the pop singer is often accused of "controlling" the country crooner. Gossip Cop has gathered a few stories we’ve investigated about this rumor. Here is what we know.

Gwen Stefani Doesn't Trust Kelly Clarkson Around Blake Shelton?

In August, the Globe reported that Gwen Stefani only returned to The Voice to keep tabs on Blake Shelton. The paper dubbed Stefani as “jealous” while alleging the singer’s only intentions in rejoining the singing competition was to come between Shelton and Kelly Clarkson. The Globe’s insiders stated Stefani was concerned Clarkson would "make moves" on Shelton, adding that Shelton was a “shoulder to cry on” for Clarkson amid her divorce from Brandon Blackstock. “I get why Gwen is pissed. Suddenly Blake’s on the phone and texting to comfort Kelly — who just happens to be attractive and talented,” asserted the so-called insider. The story wasn’t even remotely true. Recently, Clarkson and Stefani sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight where Stefani praised her fellow co-host and had nothing but good things to say about her,

Well, everyone knows how easy it is to be around Kelly. She is so much fun and she is smart and I have learned a lot from her on the show as well, so I think it is really fun now that I know her that much better to be on a show with the circumstances being so undone.

Upon investigating the report, Gossip Cop found no indication that Stefani is jealous of the American Idol winner. That is more evident now after hearing the kind words Stefani stated about Clarkson.

Blake Shelton Needs A 'Sweet Escape' From Gwen?

About a month later, Life & Style alleged Shelton was feeling “smothered” by Stefani. The magazine purported Shelton used his time on The Voice to get a “Sweet Escape” from the singer. But now that she’s returned to the show, it was putting a “strain” on the couple’s relationship. Gossip Cop would like to note that Stefani and Shelton met on the show and Stefani only took a break from the competition show to do her residency in Las Vegas. Yet, Life & Style maintained Stefani was “obsessed” with Shelton, using a quote from her 2019 interview with the Today Show. However, Gossip Cop examined the story in-depth and found the tabloid just misconstrued the singer’s words to use for its silly article. Also, Shelton just posted a birthday tribute to Stefani on his Instagram.

From the touching words the country singer wrote about Stefani, that doesn't sound like someone who feels like they're "smothered."

Gwen's Got Blake On A Leash?

Last week, the National Enquirer asserted Gwen Stefani was keeping Blake Shelton on a short leash. The supermarket tabloid alleged friends of the country singer complained they never see him anymore since Stefani has enforced rules that Shelton must follow. Insiders tattled to the tabloid that Shelton was having a hard time adjusting to being in a committed relationship but understood Stefani just wanted him to “set a good example” for her sons. But, Shelton was married twice before he entered a relationship with Stefani, so why would he have a hard time adjusting to being committed to anyone? In addition to the fact that we are still dealing with a pandemic, which makes it hard for everyone to socialize. Gossip Cop found this narrative to be completely inaccurate.

In short, Gwen Stefani isn’t controlling Blake Shelton. From what we can tell, the two are happy and very much still in love.


Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton's Prenup: Everything We've Heard