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Is Christina Aguilera a diva? There have been rumors throughout the years about the singer’s “prima donna” attitude. Gossip Cop has gathered a few stories we’ve investigated about the pop star and corrected whether or not the tales about Aguilera are true.

"Ungrateful" Christina Was Dropped By Her Label?

Two years ago Star reported that Christina Aguilera was dropped by her label. The magazine alleged the singer was “axed” from her record label, RCA, due to her bad attitude and being “ungrateful.” A supposed insider also stated that fallout happened because Aguilera refused to listen to label executives about her album, Liberation, which led to the soundtrack receiving mixed reviews. However, Gossip Cop noted that Liberation received positive reviews from music critics. We also checked with the singer’s camp about the story and was assured the article was completely fabricated. The singer is still signed with RCA.

Christina Aguilera Was Too Famous To Speak To A Waiter?

A few months later Star once again alleged Aguilera’s diva behavior got her into hot water. The tabloid claimed Aguilera was acting like a diva at an upscale Beverly Hills restaurant. A so-called “tattletale” snitched to the magazine the singer would give her waiter the “silent treatment” and put her orders through her assistant. Yet, there were various plot holes in this ludicrous story. Where was this restaurant located? What day did this take place? Shockingly, the tabloid didn’t provide any of this information but was set on the fact that Aguilera was acting “high and mighty” at this supposed venue. Gossip Cop wasn’t buying it. We couldn’t any evidence that any of this took place, leading us to debunk the bogus story.

Christina Is Too Big To Work For Disney?

The following year Star reported Aguilera was making “diva demands” to work on the soundtrack for the live-action version of Mulan. According to the magazine, Disney was in talks with the singer to contribute to the film’s soundtrack, however, Aguilera wanted “a seven-figure paycheck for doing very little.” An alleged insider told the publication the former Disney star was “dragging her feet” and thought she was “bigger than Disney.” Gossip Cop dismissed the idea that Aguilera was demanding a “seven-figure paycheck” to be a part of the project and indeed, she did record new music for the recently released film.

Did Christina Spend All Of Her Money? Here's What Really Happened

The tabloids then switched tactics and purported Aguilera was going broke. In late 2019, the National Enquirer asserted Aguilera was “spending money like a drunken sailor” and was down to her last $300,000. The paper contended that the singer was still living like “royalty” but she owed a lot of money for her house and credit card bills. The outlet further stated Aguilera was hoping to “cash in” on the Mulan remake. Yet, the Enquirer’s sister publication, Star, stated months prior that the singer was “dragging her feet” in regards to working on a song for the movie. Which one was it? Aguilera was starring in her Las Vegas residency at the time, which meant she had plenty of cash coming in. So what was the Enquirer talking about? We busted the bogus story when it came out.

In short, Gossip Cop doesn’t think Christina Aguilera was ever being a” diva” or at least “difficult" like stories portrayed her to be. If anything, Aguilera is another victim of the tabloid’s over-active imagination.


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