Irina Shayk, Stella Maxwell ‘Bonding Over Breakups’ With Bradley Cooper, Kristen Stewart?

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Irina Shayk Stella Maxwell Bradley Cooper Kristen Stewart

By Andrew Shuster |

Irina Shayk Stella Maxwell Bradley Cooper Kristen Stewart

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Have Irina Shayk and Stella Maxwell been “bonding” over their respective breakups with Bradley Cooper and Kristen Stewart? One of the tabloids is pushing that narrative, but it’s mostly inaccurate despite including sprinkles of truth. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

In June, Shayk and Cooper split after four years together, and two months later, Maxwell and Stewart ended their on-and-off romance. According to OK!, the two supermodels have been leaning on each other following their breakups. “They’ve always been close, often walking for the same designers and hitting the same parties, but lately they’ve become inseparable,” a supposed source tells the magazine.

“Irina and Stella have been a great support for each other,” adds the alleged tipster. “They’ve made it their mission to keep each other smiling.” It’s true that Shayk and Maxwell are close friends. It’s also reasonable to believe they’ve confided in each other about their respective splits. However, Gossip Cop can confirm that the tabloid’s narrative is largely made-up and was seemingly created to capitalize on both recently ending high-profile romances.

For starters, Shayk and Maxwell have been friends for several years. They haven’t suddenly started “bonding” following their breakups from Cooper and Stewart. OK! seemingly concocted its story after Shayk and Maxwell were spotted grabbing dinner together during New York Fashion Week earlier this month. The magazine likely used the get-together as an opportunity to create this mostly fictional storyline about the two becoming close after splitting from their famous partners. The tabloid has no insight into what the two have discussed with each other when it comes to their respective breakups. The story is speculative at best.

Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who confirms that Shayk and Maxwell’s breakups didn’t prompt them to become more united. They’re longtime friends who work in the same industry, and both just so happened to have split from A-list exes recently.

This wouldn’t be the first time OK! has pretended to know how Shayk has been coping with her split. In July, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming Shayk wanted to get revenge on Cooper by dating a guy who’s his total opposite. In reality, the supermodel is taking a break from dating to focus on raising her two-year-old daughter, who she shares with Cooper.

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop called out the magazine in March for publishing a ridiculous story about Cooper getting engaged to Lady Gaga and buying a house with her. The actor was still in a relationship with Shayk at the time, and he’s never been romantically involved with his A Star Is Born co-star. This latest article about Shayk and Maxwell growing close following their splits isn’t 100 percent off base, but the premise is speculative, flawed and mostly fabricated.


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