There have been a lot of false rumors about how Irina Shayk is coping with her recent split from Bradley Cooper. Gossip Cop has debunked many variations of the topic. Here are a few wrong reports we've busted.

In June, shortly after the couple called it quits, Woman's Day falsely claimed Shayk planned to fight Cooper for custody of their two-year-old daughter. According to the tabloid, the supermodel was insisting that the little girl live with her the majority of the time because the actor's job requires so much traveling and she wanted their daughter to have a stable living situation. The magazine further contended that the dispute was leading to an "all-out war" between the exes.

The story didn't make much sense considering that Shayk's career as a supermodel requires frequent traveling around the globe. Meanwhile, reputable outlets such as E! News reported that Cooper and Shayk are remaining "amicable" and working together to co-parent their little girl. A source close to the situation confirmed to Gossip Cop that the exes are on good terms and on the same page when it comes to splitting time with their daughter.

In July, Gossip Cop busted Woman's Day for falsely claiming Shayk was moving on from Cooper with Justin Theroux. The publication maintained that the supermodel started dating Jennifer Aniston's ex after crossing paths with him at a restaurant and exchanging numbers. The unreliable outlet, however, didn't bother to mention where it was that the two bumped into each other. Not only did a source close to the situation assure us Shayk wasn't in a relationship with the actor, but several trusted publications noted that the model "isn't dating anyone" following her split from Cooper. Instead, she's focused on raising her daughter at this time.

Later that month, OK! made up a story about Shayk trying to get revenge on Cooper by dating a guy who's his total opposite. The tabloid insisted that the model was on the hunt for someone "rugged and ultra-masculine" and hoped to parade a new man in front of her ex. As Gossip Cop noted above, the model isn't interested in dating and she's keeping the peace with Cooper. Shayk has no reason to get "revenge" on her ex and isn't looking for a boyfriend at all, let alone one who's Cooper's "opposite."

And just last month, OK! published a mostly inaccurate story about Shayk bonding with Stella Maxwell over their respective breakups from Cooper and Kristen Stewart. The tabloid said the two models were leaning on each other amid their splits, becoming "inseparable" during the process. Although it's true that Shayk and Maxwell are close friends, the magazine's premise was mostly fiction. The two women hadn't all of a sudden started bonding after going through high-profile breakups. In reality, they've been friends for several years and frequently spend time together.

Gossip Cop should mention that over the weekend, we also broke down wrong rumors about how Cooper is coping with his split from Shayk. That story included phony tabloid articles about the actor leaning on Lady Gaga and Jennifer Garner amid the breakup, just to mention a couple of bogus scenarios.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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