Ireland Baldwin Defends Dad Alec Baldwin And Family From Inside Rehab: “We’ve Never Left Each Other’s Sides” (PHOTO)

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Ireland Baldwin Alec Rehab

By Shari Weiss |

Ireland Baldwin Alec Rehab

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Ireland Baldwin is defending her dad Alec Baldwin, and hitting back at claims that her famous family is responsible for her decision to seek treatment for “emotional trauma.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Baldwin, whose mom is Kim Basinger, confirmed on Monday that she voluntarily checked into rehab for “intensive therapy” and a “breather.” She explained that she wanted “to get away for a little bit,” and “needed a chance to work on myself and gather all the tools I need to overcome everything that I had been through and rid myself of all the pain I locked away in unreachable places.” While the 19-year-old model denied allegations that partying was to blame, other speculation has centered around her family, specifically her relationship with her actor father.

One person even tweeted in response to the news, “wack-a-do parents, hollywood lifestyle…isn’t it always how this stuff turns out?” Baldwin replied on Tuesday, “Oh it can! Not this time but it sure can,” and she took to Twitter again Wednesday morning to more strongly refute the rumors. “This is the last thing I’m going to say about everything that’s been going on,” began the teen.

Baldwin went on, “Both of my parents, step mom, carmen, and friends were all there for me at all times. Little do you know… We’ve never left each other’s sides.” She added, “I would also be so grateful if everyone didn’t choose to attack & blame anyone for what I chose to do with my life. I’m taking care of me,” and included a kissy-face emoji. Baldwin also posted a picture of Alec recently eating with her in a hospital. As Gossip Cop reported, Baldwin was hospitalized for what was initially believed to be appendicitis, but turned out to be cysts. She amusingly captioned the picture with her dad “#cystmuffins.” Check out snapshot below.

Ireland Alec Baldwin Hospital Photo



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