India Carney The Voice Audition Video: UCLA Student Is A “Vocal Beast” – WATCH

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India Carney The Voice

By Shari Weiss |

India Carney The Voice


India Carney received a standing on “The Voice” after closing out Monday’s episode with a flawless and gorgeous performance. It all led to a fierce battle between the coaches. Watch below!

The contestant, who went to Fame school LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing and is now finishing up at UCLA’s elite music program, said she saw the NBC competition as “an opportunity to finally be noticed and feel like the work that I’ve done is being put to good use.” She was nervous and feeling “pressure to turn those chairs around,” but she needn’t have worried.

Hearing Carney’s silky, smoothy voice on Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind,” Christina Aguilera hit her button almost immediately. It didn’t take long for the rest of the panel to follow, and give a standing ovation as Carney hit her soulful high note. Aguilera said afterward, “I need it. I need you on my team. India, oh my goshhhhhh!” She went on to tell Blake Shelton to “back off,” and called Carney “the answer to my prayers.” She added, “You are a vocal beast, and I wanna take a woman to the end of the line.”

Shelton told the 21-year-old, “I believe in you 300 percent,” and said he wanted “to just to sit in these rehearsal rooms and listen to you sing.” That prompted Adam Levine to chime in, “If you want a fan, Blake’s your guy. If you want a coach, I’m your man.” He later told Carney, “You’re going to the end of this thing, and I wanna be on that train.”

And Pharrell told Carney, “Try this on for size. Four things: Congratulations for making it on the show. Number two, I would love, love to have a voice like that on my team. Should you not pick me as your coach leads me to number three, the possibility that you might get stolen. Which leads me to number four, if you don’t get stolen that means you’re not going anywhere, so congratulations.”

“Four chairs, four points, four rounds,” pitched Pharrell, after which everyone started talking over each other as they tried to persuade Carney to join his or her team. But when Carney said she wanted to go with “someone who was a big part of my childhood,” Pharrell amusingly exclaimed, “Damn!” And then Charney chose Aguilera! Check out the video below!


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