In Touch Cover Wrong On All Five Stories

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In Touch Cover Wrong Stories

By Shari Weiss |

In Touch Cover Wrong Stories

(In Touch)

In Touch accomplished a remarkable feat this week. All five stories featured on the cover of the magazine’s new issue are wrong. Gossip Cop busted each and every one.

1. Ellen DeGeneres “Divorce Bombshell”: This week’s cover story was all about DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi supposedly nearing a split. “This could be one of Hollywood’s most expensive, ugliest and dirtiest divorces ever,” claimed the tabloid, noting the talk show host’s “$345 million fortune is at stake.” The couple’s marriage was deemed “in tatters” and “over.” But In Touch has run similar untrue stories for years, and now our impeccable contact, who has always steered Gossip Cop correctly on this subject, assured us that this new version was just as “ridiculous” as past ones.

2. Jessica Simpson’s “Dying Father”: The first story teased on the cover’s sidebar, known as a “cover chip,” was about Joe Simpson’s battle with cancer. The magazine asserted there’s a “very real possibility of him dying,” and said his “heartbroken” and “devastated” famous daughter was “struggling to cope.” But what In Touch really did was take a very serious matter and exploit it by making it seem even more alarming. While Joe did undergo surgery for prostate cancer, he is recovering well and even traveling internationally. To falsely make him appear to be on the brink of death was “disgusting,” one family insider told Gossip Cop.

3. Brad Pitt’s “Secret Weapon”: The third cover chip focused on supposed tapes Pitt could use to “destroy” Angelina Jolie in their divorce battle. The article alleged the actor was in “possession [of] audio tapes of Angie ranting and raving.” It was said Pitt planned to “introduce them in a family court” to help get custody of their children. The claims were suspiciously similar to a story Gossip Cop previously debunked from The Sun, and now we again confirmed that Pitt does not have any such tapes. We were also told that no person legitimately connected to the star spoke to In Touch.

4. Selena Gomez’s “Tell-All”: The next story featured on the magazine’s cover asserted Gomez was working on a tell-all memoir as a way to get “revenge” on A-list stars who have supposedly done the singer-actress wrong. Targets were said to include everyone from Taylor Swift and Nick Jonas to Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and the Jenner sisters. “Selena knows so many secrets, and if they are exposed, it could ruin people,” it was said. But this proposed book was imaginary and the whole article was a work of fiction. A source close to Gomez confided to Gossip Cop the allegations were both “made up” and “laughable.”

5. Kardashians’ “Fight In The Delivery Room”: The last cover chip highlighted a photo of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, although the actual story was about Kris Jenner, and her alleged reaction upon finding out new granddaughter Dream would not have a “K” name. “A fight immediately broke out,” the article contended. Of course, none of Jenner’s other grandchildren have “K” names, so it doesn’t make much sense that she’d suddenly be upset about the moniker of grandkid number six. Sure enough, Gossip Cop was told this supposed delivery room drama was false and didn’t actually happen.

Now, to be fair, Gossip Cop must acknowledge that there was another aspect to the In Touch cover. Part of the main cover story focuses on Julia Roberts supposedly splitting from Danny Moder. While in the past we were assured by sources that such claims were wrong, Gossip Cop was unable to officially bust this as Roberts’ rep did not respond to repeated requests for comments.

No matter, the cover as a whole is still a stunning display of inaccuracy. While some would write off celebrity gossip as inconsequential fluff, truth-telling still matters, especially in an age where fake news spreads quickly on the Internet. And In Touch struck out in a big, embarrassing way this week.

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