In Touch Correct With Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian “Both Pregnant” Cover

Truth rating: 10

By Shari Weiss |

In Touch Khloe Kardashian Kylie Jenner Pregnant

(In Touch)

Gossip Cop wants to commend In Touch for actually getting it right. On Wednesday, the tabloid released its new issue, with the cover correctly announcing, “Khloe & Kylie: They’re Both Pregnant!” And that statement is completely true.

As Gossip Cop previously confirmed last Friday, Jenner is pregnant and expecting a baby with boyfriend Travis Scott. And on Tuesday, we confirmed Kardashian is also pregnant and expecting a baby with her own boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. Due to the advance time needed to put the magazine together and go to print, In Touch apparently already knew Kardashian was expecting before the news broke to the masses just yesterday. That’s a scoop we must recognize.

That said, we also can’t ignore the multiple times the outlet has gotten it wrong in the past. In fact, given the publication’s track record, this is typically the kind of cover Gossip Cop would immediately start investigating and ultimately learn is total B.S. Back in 2015, for example, we busted the tabloid when it falsely blared on a cover, “Kylie’s Nightmare: Pregnant And Dumped.” At the time, the magazine sensationally and wrongly claimed she was “facing life as a single mom at 18.” The cover story was 100 percent untrue, as Jenner was neither pregnant nor dumped.

In Kardashian’s case, the outlet’s history is even worse. For instance, in early 2012, Gossip Cop busted a made-up piece about her sister Kourtney supposedly agreeing to be a surrogate. That was followed just two months later by a particularly disgusting cover story about Kardashian suffering multiple miscarriages. The claims were entirely manufactured. Five years have gone by since those erroneous articles about Kardashian were published, and two years since the falsehoods about Jenner were printed. But now Gossip Cop must give credit where credit is due.

We are by no means vouching for all of the assertions in this new cover story. But there’s no denying that In Touch got it right on its cover: Kardashian and Jenner are indeed both pregnant.


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