In Touch Flip-Flops On Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Divorce

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In Touch Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Divorce

By Shari Weiss |

In Touch Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Divorce

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Are Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck getting divorced? Are they having a baby? Has the split turned nasty? Are they renewing their vows? Those are the questions readers would understandably have after In Touch has spent months flip-flopping on the estranged couple.

The tabloid’s new issue hit newsstands on Wednesday with part of the cover reading, “Ben & Jen: The Divorce Is Back On.” Well, it was never off. But the story comes after a prior report from the outlet just last month that said Garner and Affleck were renewing their vows.

But that’s not the only example of the magazine’s whiplash-inducing “reporting.” Just look at this extended timeline of In Touch stories… Bitter custody battle (July 2015), Garner pregnant (September 2015), Affleck at “war” over Garner dating (January 2016), breakup “turns nasty” (March 2016), Affleck trying to “win” Garner back (April 2016), Garner and Affleck renewing vows (May 2016).

And that brings us to today’s article, which is headlined, “Jen Leaves Ben — Again.” The story claims that the supposed “plan to reconcile has imploded,” and quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “Jen’s ready to proceed with the divorce.” But this isn’t new information.

Garner and Affleck’s divorce was always moving ahead. In Touch is just painting it as a new twist in the saga the tabloid created. And while it seems like damage control for its previous false reunion claims, Gossip Cop wouldn’t be surprised to see the magazine swing back in that direction once more.

It’s not about facts. It’s about sensational tabloid fantasy. And as long as the outlet can keep spinning it this way and that, In Touch will keep flip-flopping. Don’t fall for it.

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