Iggy Azalea’s Phone Number Allegedly Given Out By Papa John’s Driver (PHOTOS)

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Iggy Azalea Papa Johns

By Shari Weiss |

Iggy Azalea Papa Johns

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Iggy Azalea probably won’t be ordering from Papa John’s any time soon. On Sunday, the rapper slammed the pizza chain on Twitter after one of its delivery drivers allegedly gave out her phone number.

“@PapaJohns was my favorite pizza but the drivers they use give out your personal phone number to their family member,” tweeted Azalea. She went on to rant, “And the supervisors at @PapaJohns refuse to send pictures of their employess [sic] so you can identify who it is that steals your information. You know, to protect their privacy… Too bad they don’t value the privacy of their customers also. #DamnShame.”

Azalea provided proof of her allegations, sharing an image of one of the text messages she received (see below). “@PapaJohns I ordered a cheese pizza but instead I got tons of calls and messages like this one,” she tweeted, with the accompanying text reading, “Hello is this Iggy Azalea my brother had delivered something from Papa John’s to you and he gave me the number on Friday night i am your number one fan call me back please.” The grammatically-challenged “fan” added, “Is this u please answer u r my idol.”

Azalea further shared a conversation she apparently had with the local Papa John’s management, in which they couldn’t give her an explanation as to what happened. “@PapaJohns and this is all your supervisor has to say about it #ProfessionalAsF*ck,” she complained in the accompanying tweet.

A few hours later, the official “@PapaJohns” Twitter account replied with a reference to her song “Bounce,” saying, “@iggyazalea #We should have known better. Customer and employee privacy is important to us. Please don’t #bounce us!” We’re guessing Papa John’s has no idea what the (sexually-explicit) “Bounce” is about. Anyway, check out some of Azalea’s tweets below, and tell us what you think.

Iggy Azalea Papa Johns Tweets


Iggy Azalea Papa Johns Tweet


Papa Johns Iggy Azalea Tweets



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