Iggy Azalea took to Twitter on Friday to shoot down a recent tabloid story alleging she's in major debt. The Australian rapper cleared up the article's many inaccuracies and false claims in a series of tweets explaining why the report isn't true.

News emerged last month that American Express was suing Azalea for more than $300,000 in unpaid credit card bills. The lawsuit came around a year after she was hit with a $400,000 tax lien by the IRS. Star recently decided to capitalize on the situation by publishing a bogus story surrounding the rapper's financial woes.

On Friday, Azalea posted a screenshot of the unreliable outlet's article and provided a line-by-line rundown of why it's all wrong. After first contending that the rapper is spending out of control, Star goes on to say she rents a "$15,000 a month apartment." Azalea noted in response, "I own my HOUSE... any friend of mine would know i live in calabasas. my house has a movie theater don't play me sweetie i don't live in an apartment."

As for the tabloid's claim that Azalea "has almost no cash coming," she shot back, "I make 150-200k a show and do a few a month." The magazine further insists she "blows thousands a month on stabling and vet bills" for her horses, but she explained, "My horses cost 1500 a month to stable." Azalea further clarified, "I'm not being sued by Amex the case was withdrawn... I paid my tax debt a year ago."

The rapper added in a series of subsequent tweets, "Sorry. I'm not tryna be a jerk here but if you want tea so bad you're willing to make some up, let me give you the real tea hunny. The real tea is i know the same rat that sold that story probably sold the other [expletive] about my non existent relationship with Odell [Beckham Jr.] and they really think I'm dumb and don't know it's them fabricating to pay their cable bill."

Azalea continued, "And it's funny cause this person used to be on my sac asking for favors left and right but ever since those two fake stories came out the person hasn't hit my phone since. WE. KNOW. ITS. YOU." She concluded, "Anyway sorry. I don't actually mind who thinks what, I've never flexed money in people's faces for that reason. I just get so angry when people are so obvious with their [B.S.] and I'm like LOL LOL wow I'm genuinely insulted you think i don't know you're the one doing this."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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