Iggy Azalea, D’Angelo Russell Flowers Claim False

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Iggy Azalea D'Angelo Russell Flowers

By Shari Weiss |

Iggy Azalea D'Angelo Russell Flowers


Iggy Azalea did NOT receive flowers from D’Angelo Russell, despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust the story, which was seemingly designed to capitalize on the attention surrounding the rapper’s breakup from Nick Young.

MediaTakeOut blares on Friday, “SAVAGERY!!! Lakers Player ‘D’Angelo Russell’ Reportedly Sent TWO DOZEN ROSES… To Iggy Azealia!!!” Yes, Azalea’s name is misspelled in the headline, as well as in the accompanying story. It begins, “Remember a few months ago, when Lakers player D’Angelo Russell leaked the Nick Young SNITCH video — when he admitted to cheating on girlfriend Iggy Azealia. Well that was then… this is now.”

The site goes on to claim it “learned that dozens of roses were sent backstage to Iggy Azealia’s dressing room yesterday. The flowers were from Iggy’s fans, friend, and secret admirers. And [a] SNITCH tells us that one dozen roses came with a card signed ‘D’Angelo Russell.'”

The webloid then opines, “Wow, if D’Angelo did that, he’s a SAVAGE. But hey, all is fair in LOVE and WAR right.” MediaFakeOut seems to apply that mantra to its reporting style, too. Who cares if a few facts are incorrect, right?

WRONG. It does matter, because the outlet is trying to get away with a seemingly fabricated story. Azalea did receive multiple flower arrangements, and that seems to be the jumping-point for this article. But none were from Russell.

It’s telling that MTO didn’t even seem to know where Azalea was or how Russell managed to pull off the gift, with its vague post leaving out that the dressing room is all the way in Australia, where she’s filming “The X Factor.” And while the headline says Russell sent “TWO DOZEN ROSES,” the actual story says “one dozen.” Of course, the biggest red flag is the site doesn’t even know how to spell the performer’s last name correctly.

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